Why we developed a better dinner solution for the modern, hard-working family

Busy days deserve great food. You deserve a night off from the constant grind. You deserve the family time. You deserve the quality.

Why Modern Plate?

With our hands-free cooking meal options, we allow you to unwind from a busy day without compromising on your taste buds, wallet, or time.

When you choose Modern Plate, you choose no mess, no noise and no chaos. We help you relax so you can do it all over again tomorrow!

We love cooking

Our business operates from Aurora, CO. All of our meals are freshly prepared in a commercial-grade, professional kitchen that is inspected by the Tri-County Health Department

Our Team

A team passionate in culinary art

Samantha Glenn

Contact me for billing, supplier, or partnership inquiries

Garrett Roles
Culinary Director

Contact me to share your food preferences or meal ideas

Karena Luerssen
Fulfillment Manager

Contact me with any questions about our service or your order

Sean Golub
Sous Chef

Don’t contact me, I’m cookin'

Kirsten Butler
Brand Ambassador

Contact me to host a fundraiser, community event, or to set-up corporate gifting

Stephanie Thompson
Product Assistant

Contact me to say hello, share some feedback, and while you’re at it, your favorite hiking trail

Our values


Food is the best way to celebrate! We seek to offer our clients moments of pause to reflect on their small victories for the day. We celebrate life, family, friends, our employees and our clients. It's why we do what we do!


We are here to make "plan b" the best plan! We are a reliable company that delivers consistently on convenient, affordable, and delicious meals for the days that just seem to get away from you.


Local fundraising, support programs and caregiving opportunities are foundational to our business. We hope our meals are used to serve neighbors, family and friends who are in need as well!


We are in your home each week and we do not take that for granted!

We appreciate our clients and are thankful to have become their trusted allies. We appreciate quality ingredients, a good meal and time together are all on our priority list.

Our process

From start to finish

Community Partners

Families Feeding Families

Modern Plate loves giving back to its community and residents. A percentage of all sales is donated to these wonderful community partners by way of complete meals for their participants.