April 19, 2022

Named after the greatest city

A new quiche is on the menu, named after our great city. The Denver Quiche is packed with ham, peppers, onions, and cheese. The perfect addition to Sunday brunch, a quick and delicious weeknight dinner, or to send to a friend or family member. You can always give the gift of food with Modern Plate to your Denver local friends.

The Denver omelet has a unique history. It started as a sandwich - with the omelet style eggs placed between two slices of bread. It roared in popularity during the 1900's, but towards the 80's started to decline in popularity. Today, it's hard to come by a Denver Sandwich.. and many of us have never heard of it!

With another twist of culinary flair, our chef turned the staple Denver ingredients into a quiche! We hope you and your family enjoy breakfast delivered to your home with our easy heat and serve format. A great item to have on hand for a simple grab-n-go breakfast from home. Modern Plate has breakfast meal prep done!

Modern Plate offers same day delivery, when you order by 10:00am, Monday –Friday! We make it easy to have these items delivered right to your door, anywhere in the metro Denver area.

Busy Days Deserve Great Food! Let Modern Plate help make your dinner (or Brunch) easy!