February 4, 2022

Summer Wine Pairings

Summer is such a great time for wine. There’s get-togethers, fantastic weather, and lots of opportunities for food! Let’s look at some great wine pairings for two of our meals.

Our White Lasagna is a great meal, full of yummy cheese and herbs, along with sausage, mushrooms, and spinach! Here are two wines that we think pair beautifully with our twist on this great dish.

The Chianti Classico is a beautiful ruby-red wine from the Chianti region in Italy. Today it is produced from Florence all the way down to Siena, and Grand Duke Cosimo III de’Medici granted the first Chianti boundaries in 1716! Chianti has improved in quality over the last several years but is not yet as popular as Barolo and Brunello, thus making it an inexpensive bottle to pick up for your summer meal.

Our second pick is the Chenin Blanc, mostly made in South Africa and found in France, the United States, and Argentina.

The Chenin Blanc has the aged oakiness of a Chardonnay but is more versatile, as it can be dry or sparkling. For this dish, we recommend a crisp, dry summer Chenin Blanc. It matches nicely with the richness of the lasagna.

The next dish we will look at is our Thai Curry. Thai food can be a little tricky to pair. You have so many flavors going on, sweet, salty, spicy. How do you find a good match?

Our first choice would be a semi-dry Riesling from Alsace in France (although you can find them from Germany, Washington State, and Australia as well). The crispness of the wine and its low alcohol content keep your mouth from catching fire with the spicy food. Making it a great choice.

Our next suggestion would be the lesser-known Grüner Veltliner, a great alternative to the Sauvignon Blanc. It is mostly found in Austria, but Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the United States also produce this variety. It has the perfect acidity and zestiness that makes it perfect for Thai spices.

As Ernest Hemingway once said, “my only regret in life is that I did not drink more wine.” So, enjoy a glass with your next Modern Plate meal.